Our neighbourhood

Since 2012 our stable is located on the bank of Vistula river in Warsaw. Next to it there is a beautiful Vistula embankment where you can find Szlak Golędzinowski route. It’s a reserve for many bird species. You can come and visit us while taking a walk or a bike trip.
In the east, next to the stable there is a Fort Śliwickiego of the Warsaw Citadel. The legend has it that under the bed of Vistula there is a tunnel connecting the fort with the citadel. Who knows, maybe runs below our stable? During the period of Polish People’s Republic, ZOMO (Motorized Reserves of the Citizens’ Militia) barracks were located in the citadel. Later on, the buildings were taken over by the police and adapted to be the stable of mounted police. Nowadays the fort is rarely used, the cannon post with a crew shelter is abandoned, and the old police paddocks are the place where our horses are running now.
Moreover, we have surprise guests throughout the year. Once in a while boars or roe deer walk on our paddocks, and pheasants and partridges are our permanent neighbours.