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HAKER (born 2002)

He’s an experienced and crafty stallion. He knows how to do as little work possible but  still get treats. It is a smart horse with beautiful eyes. Because of its height (165 cm.) he’s ridden mainly by adults. In the stable he  is known as Caco.




DINAR (born 1999)

Extremely quiet stallion. Best for the youngest riders and beginner adults.  Dinar is the  bay color and is 130 cm. growth. He has a beautiful mane and an exceptionally long tail.




RANI (born 20.05.2007)

She came to us at the beginning of March 2014. She’s a pony of Feliński breed. She is about 130 cm at the withers. Her special feature is the color of the skin on the eye rims and nostrils.




GIENIEK (born 2005)

The bay color Gelding, about 170 cm tall. In his youth he had an unpleasant adventure with a nail, which left a large scar. However, this does not bother anyone because this horse masks this disadvantage with his beauty and lovely movement. Gienek is extremely quiet and he lives in peace and friendship with the rest of  stable’s population. He loves the company of other horses. Beginners as well as advanced riders ride on him.


WAKAT (born  11.02.2010)

It’s a pony  Hocul breed, about 130 cm. He was born in SKH Gładyszów, after stallion Nasir and mother Werbena. He loved to walk in to our „pond”, that’s why he is also known as a „swamp monster”.




BALTOJ, czyli BOLEK (born 14.05.2008)

It’s a fiord, born  in Kujawy, his father is Tokaj and mother Ballada. Has about 145 cm and beautiful mane, riders look wonderfull on him. In stable he is called Bolek.





POŁONIN (born 17.05.2012)

His parents are Pędziwiatr and Puma. This wonderfull Hucul horse, bay coat, has a very calm character and love to hug.





ALEX (born 2006)

It’s a noble type horse, chestnut coat. Alex is in our stable from 2016. He is great  for recreational ride.





DUKAT (born 01.05.2013)

It’s a pony with a nice temperament and beautiful big eyes. He is a perfect companion for beginners.




SOFKA (born 01.01.2009)

She is a small horse with chestnut coat. Likes to cuddle and talks a lot.





NADIA (born 01.01.2010)

Perfect pony for youngsters. With her light gray coat, long mane and tail she looks like a fairytale horse.




LETNIA BURZA (born 16.03.2010)

Burza is a gray mare from Malopolska breed. After stallion Fodel and mother Lune Caroline. She is perfect for experienced rider.