Horse Riding Classes

Horse Riding Classes
Pony rides

Horse riding is a great adventure. Our youngest visitors can begin it with pony rides. During these first moments they can familiarize themselves with these big creatures, and sometimes even fall in love with them.



Both courageous and shy children can visit us. It’s always fun to try new things, especially at such a low price (15 PLN). We are here everyday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm There is no need to arrange a meeting.

Riding on the longe line

Newcomers, who only begin to understand the secrets of horse riding, ride around on the longe line — a few-meters-long line held by an instructor. The instructor has everything under control, so the rider can focus on practising riding position, balance and proper posture. It’s a great opportunity to know one’s skills and acquire good habits, as well as improve one’s condition. Longeing is an introduction to riding on your own.



Riding in a host

People who have already learned the basics of horse riding and rode on the longe line can try to ride on their own, accompanied by the instructor of course. There is no rule on how many longeing classes you need to take to start riding on your own. It’s a matter of one’s predisposition and skills. It is important to feel good on the riding area, with other people training with you.



Riding individually

We can also offer individual classes for demanding people who value comfort and need intensive cooperation with an instructor. It is possible to organize these classes on every level of advancement. During classes the riding area and instructor are to your sole disposal.



Field trips

We have a special offer of field trips for those who value beautiful sights and closeness of nature. Clients, who already possess riding skills and feel comfortable in the saddle, can, while being accompanied by the instructor, admire the landscapes of wilder part of Warsaw. The Vistula embankment and nearby Szlak Golędzinowski route are attractive to many people regardless of the time of year.