Pociechom Foundation  is a public benefit organisation established in 1997. The main purpose of the Foundation’s existence is the well-being of children, even if the profiles of actions taken and locations changed. We provide rehabilitation for disabled children and adolescents in the form of hippotherapy, SI therapy and speech therapy.

Reason for starting the Foundation

Pociechom Foundation was started out of concern about physical and psychological fitness of young people. Recent data are alarming — 80% of school children suffer from bad posture – a condition that can lead to an increase of the disabled people in Poland. That is the reason why treatment is equally important as prevention — our Foundation supports disabled children but also promotes healthy lifestyle.

Statutory purposes of the foundation

1.  Organizing rehabilitation of the disabled children and adolescents suffering from congenital and post-traumatic motor and internal organs defects as well as mental disorders.

2. Financing and organizing medications and rehabilitation equipment for the people mentioned in item 1.

3.  Financing and organizing sport and recreational events for the people mentioned in item 1.

4.  Preventing health consequences caused by environment pollution to disabled children and adolescents suffering from congenital and post-traumatic motor and internal organs defects as well as mental disorders.

Foundation founder member

Pociechom Foundation was started by Piotr Kołodziej, who is involved with horses since he was a child. He is a hippotherapist and a horse riding instructor. The combination of lifelong passion and sensitivity to disabled people needs resulted in actions, that are alive and well even today.

While rehabilitating it is very important to regularly practice under the eye of specialists. However, positive sensory experiences, developing curiosity about the world and contact with nature is also essential. The Foundation is situated on the Vistula river bank among the meadows and trees, so our patients can feel a part of the surrounding nature without even leaving the town. Horses are our friends. They help children develop motoric skills, reduce tension, strengthen muscles, deepen the contact with the surrounding world, build up courage. Sensory integration therapists and speech therapists work on senses integration and pronunciation of their patients. All rehabilitation classes are free of charge. W provide therapy for over 200 children every year. Unfortunately, it’s a mere drop in a bucket. That is why Pociechom Foundation tries, through statutory activity, donations and sponsorships, to acquire more funds for rehabilitation of more people.

In Pociechom Foundation we do not only rehabilitate people. We try to prevent disability. We can see that bad posture as well as various addictions are more common among children and adolescents. That is why in Pociechom Foundation we give classes in recreational horse riding and organize integration events promoting a healthy lifestyle. Horse riding is something that attracts not only whole families but also organized groups.

We want to extend our therapeutic and recreational offer so that we can work with more people, so we plan to expand our centre and buy more horses. That is why the support of generous people and organizations is invaluable to us.