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Birthday parties


Birthdays in theme parks and in fast food restaurants are outdated. Original idea is what matters when it comes to birthday parties. It’s a great opportunity to show children something new and let them have fun in an exceptional place. Pociecha stable can provide children and adolescents with exciting birthday parties during which you can:
• ride a horse,
• visit the stable.
• get to know the habits of horses and find out how to take care of them,
• exercise in the fresh air,
• sit by the bonfire.
Pastries in the gazebo, picnic on the grass or campfire-roasted sausages are just an addition to great fun children are having. It’s possible to arrange other attractions by request (bouncy castle, face painting, clowns etc.) thanks to our arrangement with an event company. For more information here.

We organize parties all through the year. When it’s warm, we arrange games on green landscapes along the Vistula river in the Warsaw centre. In winter we provide a riding hall to protect the riders from cold and we make bonfires in the snow.

Have fun!

Summer play centre

We would like to invite children who spend summer and winter vacation in Warsaw to a summer play centre. We provide memorable attractions — spending time with horses every day, acquiring first riding skills, field trips, bonfires and games. Some summer party centre participants have such a good time, that their parents prolong their reservation.

Summer play centre lasts throughout summer and winter vacation in weekly cycles — Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 2 pm.

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Photo sessions with our horses

Newly-weds photo sessions

file3131313070963The most important moments in life needs extraordinary setting. Photos with our horses can be a great memento for the newly-weds and their close ones. We give the couples, and their photographer of course, a chance to meet with our horses near the stables or in the field and take photos under the watchful eye of the instructor. We can arrange one or many horses for such a photo session. It’s all up to you!

Other photo sessions

You can also make other photos or videos with our horses in our stable or in another chosen place. Horses look beautiful in promotion materials and adverts. We are open to any suggestions, even those unusual.

Outdoor parties

We organize outdoor theme parties at any time of the year — games, art workshops, shows and contests — in the riding area or the riding hall. Horse riding is of course an inseparable element of all of these. During picnics we invite our guests to sit by the bonfire and offer them treats. We have a long tradition of organising „Hubertus”, Christmas Eve in the stable, family picnics, and new people join us every year.

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